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My passion for helping others can be traced back to examples set by my paternal grandmother and mother, who were both community organizers. Not only was my grandmother a community organizer she was also a home healthcare worker for the elderly in our hometown. I can remember her getting up early in the morning going to care for others whose family either lived elsewhere or were unable to care for them. The example they set always led me to positions that would allow me to be a service to others.
Corey Chandler is the CEO and Founder of Medical Pro Lodging, a housing location service that connects homeowners with traveling medical professionals throughout the US. Before founding Medical Pro Lodging, Corey worked in the healthcare industry in learning and development roles for both an insurance provider and facility owner/ operator. Prior to working in corporate America, Corey spent most of her career in the non- profit sector working for organizations in Chicago, Baltimore, and San Francisco.
Throughout my professional and personal life, I’ve always enjoyed traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people. This love for traveling led me to create Medical Pro Lodging to help medical professionals locate affordable lodging options. Not only do the traveling professional benefit from my company but homeowners are also able to turn their extra space into an alternative source of income.In today’s economic climate everyone could use a few extra dollars to help pay monthly expenses, save for a vacation, or make home upgrades.
Our Mission
To provide easy, cost-effective temporary housing solutions for traveling medical professionals around the United States.
Our Vision
To develop the go-to platform that healthcare specialists can turn to for premium accommodations.
Convenient, Affordable Short-Term Lodging
We recognize that there is a high demand for short-term housing for medical professionals. Whether you are attending a weekend conference or on a 6-month traveling work assignment, it is important to find an accommodation that is both comfortable and convenient for your needs.
Finding the Right Space for Your Needs
We understand that every medical professional has their own specific needs as they take on a new assignment. With temporary location needs ranging from proximity to work location to room size to pet acceptance, our diverse range of hosts have the accommodation and amenities that are right for everybody.
We work with healthcare providers, medical schools, staffing agencies and individual healthcare professionals to help them discover the ideal lodging for any stay.