Medical Pro Lodging Hospitality

We Want Every Stay to Be Exceptional

In order to make every short-term stay for medical professionals as enjoyable as possible so that our hosts can get more bookings, we have set out hospitality standards.

Here are some simple things that are expected from our hosts

Basic Hosting Requirements
These are the simple yet extremely important requirements that we expect every Medial Pro Lodging host to follow.
Be Responsive
Part of a great guest experience is having a responsive host.
Whether it is a potential traveling medical professional messaging about a booking or somebody asking for assistance during their stay, we expect our hosts to answer in a timely manner.
We understand that hosts can be busy, but just a quick acknowledgement goes a long way!
If there is an issue you cannot help with, please simply refer your guest to our client service team.
Maintaining an Updated Calendar
By keeping your calendar updated at all times, you avoid confusion or cancellation by only offering booking possibilities when you are actually available.
Take a few minutes each week to ensure that any days you can’t host are blacked out.
Avoid Cancelling on Guests
Nobody likes to be cancelled on!
Once a guest has made a booking, we expect you do your best to honor it.
If for some reason you do have to cancel, please let them know as quickly as possible, in order to avoid a negative experience. Hosts who regularly cancel their bookings risk having their listings paused or terminated until they are able to show they can handle their bookings.
Positive Reviews
Each positive review you receive means that you are likely to receive more bookings in the future! Every guest should strive for a 5-Star review for each stay they host.
We understand that on some occasions you may receive a less-than favorable review, it happens.But any hosts that continue to receive negative reviews will have their listings terminated.
We want you to be GREAT.
Why settle for just the minimum? Better hosting means better reviews, which means for money for you!

Here are some tips that can make the difference between a good and great short-term medical professional stay.

Keeping It Clean
Taking the time to thoroughly clean your space really impresses guests from the moment they walk through your door.
Make sure to vacuum, wash, dust, launder and more to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Pay special attention to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, as those are the areas that receive the most complaints in negative reviews.
Extra Amenities
Remember, your guests are only visiting for a short time and may not have all the usual amenities that they bring from home. Wifi, TV, hair dryers, coffee makers, cell phone chargers, irons and ironing boards, these are the things that truly make the difference.
While not necessary, having some available extras such as shower gel, toothpaste, coffee, tea, salt, pepper and other small things that people use on a daily basis can lead to more 5* reviews, helping you receive more bookings.
Accurate Listing Details
Nobody wants to show up to a space that isn’t quite what they expected.
We recommend that you update your listing photos as often as possible, as well as making any changes to your listing information the moment the space changes.
While an attractive listing may get you more bookings in the short run, once guests discover that the information is not what they were promised, it will be reflected in negative reviews.
Plus, any hosts found to be deliberately deceiving guests with incorrect listing info risks having their account suspended.
Supporting Your Travelers
Whether it’s showing them around the city, telling them which bus to take or helping them with the laundry, lending some support to your travelling medical professional goes a long way.
Remember, these are people that are likely in a new city without their friends and family. Any friendly advice, assistance and support can make them feel right at home. Plus, you may even make a new friend during their stay!