Trust & Safety

We Are Dedicated to the Highest Trust and Safety Standards

At Medical Pro Lodging, we work with hosts and medical travelers to deliver a safe, comfortable stay for everybody involved.

Unmatched Safety Standards
To ensure the highest standard of trust, we conduct a variety of checks to ensure that everybody using Medical Pro Lodging can do so in a secure, inclusive manner.
ID Verification Checks
We conduct verification on government-issued Photo ID using third-party software, ensuring that each person is verified before hosting and booking.
Secure Payments
We use the most reliable payment processors in the industry: Stripe and PayPal, so that you can be sure your payments are processed securely and confidentially.
Scam Prevention
We take measured steps to eliminate the possibility of hosts and medical travelers being defrauded. With direct contact through our platform and intensive verifications, we make sure you are in contact with the right person.
Account Protection
We keep your account encrypted and secure at all times. If you lose your password or require assistance to access it, our client service team will help you.
Client Support
Our support team is always available to assist you with your booking, stay, hosting, payment and other needs. We offer assistance viaLive Chat, Phone, Email and Messagingdirectly through the Medical Pro Lodging platform.
Inclusive Stays
We believe that everybody has the equal right to a safe, enjoyable stay without discrimination. That is why we take inclusion extremely seriously.
If you believe that you have been unfairly discriminated against in any capacity, please contact our support team immediately.
We work hard with all parties involved to deliver a safe and comfortable stay in all aspects. If you have any safety concerns at any point while using Medical Pro Lodging, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the proper steps are taken, including contacting local law enforcement.

Medical Traveling With Confidence

As a traveling medical professional, you deserve to have everything you need to book, communicate, stay and review in a safe manner.
We do our best to deliver the more secure short- term stays for medical professionals.
We also encourage you to take the steps to find the ideal booking for you.
We Are Here To Help
The moment that you have any concerns about your stay, please contact us immediately.We offer assistance via Live Chat, Phone, Email and Messaging directly through the Medical Pro Lodging platform.
Book With Confidence
Our wide range of safety and personal verifications ensure that you receive correct, verified information about the host, property and amenities.
Host Reviews
We encourage every Medical Pro Lodging user to leave reviews about their host. By leaving and ready reviews, you as a traveler can be sure that each booking is right for you.
Ask Questions
If you have any questions about the property, the amenities, the location, rules, etc. then you have every right to ask the host or our support team before you book.
Communicate Through Our Platform
By communicating directly through Medical Pro Lodging, you not only have a verified record of every communication with your host, but our client support team can also assist you in the case of any discrepancies.
Safety Checks
We take the safety of our medical professionals extremely seriously. We do our best to find out all the safety information about each property listed, but also recommend you conduct a safety check upon arrival. If there are any issues, instantly contact our team and we will assist you.
Research Local Travel Warnings
Before traveling to any unfamiliar region, please ensure that there are no warnings due to weather, local danger or any other problems that could jeopardize your safety.

We Want the Best For Our Hosts

When you register as a host with Medical Pro Lodging, we do everything we can to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with your traveling medical professionals.
When you register as a host with Medical Pro Lodging, we do everything we can to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience with your traveling medical professionals.
Contact Us With Concerns
Contact Us With Concernswe offer assistance via Live Chat, Phone, Email and Messaging for your assistance.
Comply With Local Short-Term Housing Laws
Every host is responsible for ensuring that they are fully compliant with the short-term housing laws that are set out by the municipality, county, and state.Medical Pro Lodging does not take any responsibility for any fines, penalties or legal action as a result of non-compliance. Contact your local city council for more information.
Set Clear Stay Expectations
To ensure an enjoyable stay for you and your guests, please set clear expectations of your guests in your profile. This avoids any confusion and helps us match you with the right traveling medical professionals for their stay.
Set Guest Requirements
Each host has the right to set the requirements their guests must follow. Please take the time to consider what you expect of each guest during their stay and clearly communicate them on your listing page.
Read Guest Profiles
Each Medical Pro Lodging traveling medical professional must fill out a personal profile upon joining. We recommend you view the profile including the reviews left by other hosts to ensure that the person meets your requirements.
Clear Communication
We encourage you to openly communicate with your guest upon them message you or finalizing a booking. A nice greeting and any information they should know about their stay goes a long way in making the visit more comfortable!
Safety Information and Equipment
It is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the property is safe and has the necessary equipment including smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and more.

Medical Pro Lodging Standards

We set the highest standards to build trust and keep everybody using our platform secure before, during and after their stays.

Harming Yourself or Others
We have absolutely no tolerance for verbal, physical or mental abuse of anybody involved in the Medical Pro Lodging experience.
If you have any concern of hurting yourself or others, or have been a victim, contact us or your local authorities immediately.
Threatening Others
Any user discovered to be making threats online, through our platform or in-person to hosts, guests or the Medical Pro Lodging team will be reported to local law enforcement.
Creating Hazardous Situations
All Medical Pro Lodging users must refrain from creating dangerous situations that subject themselves or others to harm at any time. These include excessive partying, drug use, alcohol abuse, violence and more.
Theft, Vandalism & Extortion
All members of Medical Pro Lodging are expected to act in accordance with both respect and within the laws.
If you discover theft of property, intentional damage to property or are a victim of extortion at any time during your experience, please contact us immediately.
Spam, Phishing & Fraud
We take every step imaginable to prevent our users from falling victim to any type of online and in-person fraud.
If you believe that you have received spam messages, please report them to our team immediately.
Privacy Rights Violations
Homesharing requires the highest level of trust between guests and hosts.
If you are concerned that your privacy rights have been violated in any way during your stay, immediately contact us and our team will assist you in every way possible, including contacting local authorities.
Respectful Stays
Discriminatory Behavior & Hate Speech
We have absolutely zero tolerance for discrimination or hate speech, both through our platform and during our stays.
Medical Pro Lodging is a fully-inclusive platform that encourages respect of all hosts, guests and those around you.
If you are being harassed by anybody through our platform, during your stay, while hosting or at any other time, please contact us immediately and we will do everything possible to assist you.
Disturbing Neighbors
All traveling medical professionals are expected to act with respect for not only their hosts, but the neighbors that surround them.
If found out that guests are acting inappropriately or are causing problems with neighbors, they risk having their stay terminated.
Misrepresenting Yourself
Although we carry out the highest level of verification possible on each guest and host, fraud may occur.
Anybody found to be misrepresenting themselves deliberately risks termination of their account and being reported to local law enforcement.
Misrepresenting Your Space
Hosts must only use genuine photographs and provide legitimate information about their spaces.
Any host found to be intentionally falsifying information about their property or posting inaccurate photos will have their listings removed.
Breaking Commitments
If you are a host or a guest, entering into an agreement on Medical Pro Lodge means that you are willing and able to fulfill it.
It is of the utmost importance that you always follow through with your commitments during the stay. If you cannot for any reason, please advise the other party or our support team.
Being Unresponsive
Any guest or host that is found to be unresponsive after a booking has been made risks having their account terminated.